Multi Use Games Area breathes new life into former Derbyshire sports club

The multi-use games area in Glapwell Football Club, which was formerly known as the Derbyshire Sports Club, has taken a breath of life due to the recent transformation in its multi-use games area. The games area which was previously in an unusable and worn out condition has been transformed into a technologically-equipped games area with the European money arranged by the Leader Project. The completion of the project required £54,000 and was made available for the community and outside players from the August 2018. Tracing back to the history, this football club located in the village of Glapwell, in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, joined the National League System and played for the first time as the Glapwell Football Club in 1989. Though this club was dissolved in the year 2016, its last act was to get a good amount of funding from the European Union through the Leader Project. Since the amount that was secured through this project wasn’t sufficient for the transformation of the games area, the remaining amount of £54,000 required was raised by the Glapwell Parish Council. With the help of the total accumulated money, the transformation and refurbishment of the games area have been done.

The new state-of-the-art games area is not only multi-purpose in nature, but it also has various facilities for the players. Hence, it is expected to provide the local community of the area with the much-needed sports facility that they were deprived of. In short, it can be said that with the transformation of the new games area, the Glapwell Football Club has got a new life. The new games area measures 712 square meters and sits alongside the football club’s old ground. This new sports area features a synthetic surface and sufficient energy-saving floodlights which makes it perfect for playing various types of games both during day and night till 9 pm. The local community can indulge in games of football, tennis, basketball and many more as it has a five-a-side football, netball, tennis, and basketball area. According to Sue O’Donnell, the clerk to the Parish Council, this games area of the Derbyshire Sports Club has received a new lease of life with this refurbishment. Already the local sports clubs have started using the games area and the club authority is hopeful that other people will soon start using it. Currently, the multi use games area in Glapwell Sports Club can be booked for providing group regular training facility.